Critical Thinking + Culturally & Emotionally Intelligent working Providing consultancy and development services to private, public and third sector organizations around the world. Specialising in growing leadership practices.

Adding Value

My work adds value by supporting and driving growth, change and resilience through incisive analytical acuity, vibrant and creative working processes and provision of effective interventions and innovative tailored support.
With a ground-up knowledge of doing business across many cultures and sectors, fine-tuned reflexive and facilitative skills and connectivity to the best in global practice I have an ability to generate high outputs in pressurised, fast-moving or un-stable environments.

USP: rapidly becomes sufficiently expert to be highly effective and achieve results

Professional background

My professional history to date is rich and varied – not a traditional career trajectory by any means, but a path driven by curiosity, endeavour and entrepreneurialism.
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In summary

I specialise in supporting and challenging people and organisations to get out of their ‘stucks’ to wherever they need to be. 

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