In a nutshell

A senior global advisor, researcher and consultant with 25 years’ experience in challenging and shifting existing thinking to develop and enable systemic transformation.

Adding Value

My offer is the ability to fuse multidisciplinary expertise to drive critical and high impact social and economic development outcomes.

My strength is my ability to see right across and beyond silos and systemic roadblocks in the context of unique and varied cultures and political contexts, understanding the entire landscape of change. I put a strong focus on deep diving the problems that are absolutely critical to resolve to ensure successful delivery. I achieve this by building relationships at all levels with utmost respect, integrity and longevity, drawing together high-performing, richly diverse teams and generating strong platforms for discussion and negotiation that build consensus and accelerate change. I’m known for deep facilitation skills.

Professional background

With a career centred on Higher Education (HE) and leadership development, I have facilitated generational change globally. I have brought stakeholders together in comprehensive strategic re-sets, leading the deep dive conversations and discussions that identify and resolve obstacles to delivery, while advising on the evolution of organisational structures and ways of working at Ministerial level. Working with/influencing international SMEs, multiple governments and NGOs on policy and the design of key development programs critical to delivery, I have accelerated and provided structure to large scale administrative reform.