I have accumulated specialist knowledge and skills in the following areas:

Higher Education

Strategic formulation and implementation: at institutional and sector levels in emerging and highly-developed economies such as Pakistan’s Knowledge Exchange Strategy, sectoral transformation from centralised to more autonomous systems in Myanmar and Uzbekistan; more inclusive and equitable instutions in the U.

Leading complex organisations: research, practice and implementation in universities around the world, including a sector-first, whole-of-institute leadership frameworked program (UK) and national review (ANZ)..

Knowledge exchange: supporting universities working with communities, business, the public and government through practice, dialogue and policy with international networks.
Enterprise and entrepreneurialism development in a UK university supported by several peak agencies.

Researcher Development: understanding the professional development needs and challenges faced by research professionals globally; creation of resources and to support and meet these .needs

Leadership and Leader Development

Specialising in developing leaders and leadership through a mixture of high support and high challenge. I offer bespoke programs blending immersive, experiential, virtual and self-guided development. Drawing on extensive, rich professional networks to weave in frank conversations with leaders and experts in their domains. Practise and practical engagement is accompanied by relevant, curated knowledge bases and other resources drawn from cutting edge research and practice. Notice-choose-act- reflect. Building awareness, discipline, compassion and courage

Deeper conversations: As a qualified coach and counsellor we can work to the depth, acuity and with the (psychological) safety required to catalyse and sustain the change that is needed. I specialise in ‘walk and talk’ and outdoor approaches to wellbeing and growth.

Experiential methodologies: expertise in applying and developing experiential learning practice in a wide range of situations and sectors; plus the concomitant review and learning evaluation process (metrics)
Professional development systems: I’ve know how and experience in designing, developing and running trainer management systems using a remote hub and spokes model. These bespoke systems enabled sourcing, training and monitoring of trainer teams in several hubs around the world to ensure consistent quality and continuous evolution of the resources and products.

Cultural bridging

My academic interest has been understanding and exploiting cultural interfaces in the workplace; professionally this manifests as a solid grounding in managing cultural integration specifically between Western style and S Asian organisations and their peoples.