In summary

In the last 6 years (09-15) I’ve been based in Nepal, S Asia working globally on several large scale Higher Education programs contracted through the British Council (strategic capacity build; knowledge exchange; researcher professional development). In parallel I’ve supported a S Asian MNE through a strategic planning process to implement stabilised growth, supported various SMEs in transition and run a host of INGO interventions in Nepal. And completed a Masters in Development Training.

In 2016 I start a PHD in Leadership Development through Lancaster University, UK. (For all qualifications please see Resume)

Prior to this I was based in the UK (2002-09) running large and small scale consultancy programs in the environment and heritage sectors; training heritage educators; delivering personal development programs for young offenders interspersed with large chunks time in E Africa creating and delivering small segments of the Sudan Basic Education Program (2002-5) and a teacher training program in Somaliland. Work on professional development and business support led to a senior position driving the enterprise agenda of a UK university.
In between times leading trekking groups in the long breaks.

The early years are grounded in my love of the outdoors – all things mountain: a Biology degree at Sussex (BSc Hons 2.1) focused on population and conservation ecology; the good part of a decade living in some of Europe’s wild places almost incidentally setting up new enterprises in the French Alps and Jersey; to southern Germany and New Zealand re-applying skills as a teacher and corporate trainer.

Countries worked in

UK, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brazil, Peru, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Taiwan, Qatar, UAE, Kenya, Southern Sudan, Somaliland, Morocco

Curious about the company name, Korakoru?

As with many things in life, it’s a game of two halves. Two things that have meaning for me:
Kora – Buddhists perform a kora as a type of meditation to find inner calm – it’s a circumambulation, a walk around a place of meaning and significance.
Koru – Maori’s understand the koru as a spiral shape based on the unfurling fern. It signifies new life, growth, strength and peace.